Meghan’s Choker

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+Our original twist on the Navajo Pearls beaded chokers, these are very pretty, classy + limited edition statement pieces, embodying the shadows of the west with our signature outline of the skulls of cattle long passed as a focal feature.

This design is only available at our shop and ready to ship next business day,  there’s only one in stock. We collaborated with Native Americans who made the sterling silver bench beads, our sterling silver rope longhorn pendant with sterling silver clasp & hand made extender chain all assembled and silver smithed in house.


+Each sterling silver handcrafted bead is 1/4 inch wide.

+The sterling skull is 2 inches from horn to horn wide & 1 1/4 inches from top of head to nose in length. 

+The whole necklace measures 16 1/4 inches from end to end & 14 3/4 inches at shortest link.