Howdy all, Im glad you found me, Im Kate the girl behind the camera, the jewelery + the illustrations.

First of all I studied photography at college after I lost a friend + realised all I had in  was a single photo of us to remember our time together, we can not get moments back + I love to give my clients the gift of freezing their memories. 

l was raised at the foot of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales Australia on a cattle + sheep property. I left high school before I graduated, to venture into the wild west of the Northern Territory to work with cattle + horses for four years. I have been on stage as a musician since the age of seven. I have studied graphic design + music at college, + travelled  multiple countries + regularly travel back and forth to the USA where I mine the turquoise used in our jewels. I have a love for anything retro, bohemian + western fashion + lifestyle.

I am now a mother of three babes + my fiance Cory has immigrated here from the USA, he is the man behind the leather + helps me with shoots. We reside close to Bombala NSW on a farm surrounded by horses, dogs, chickens + our pet cockatoo Charlie. Although we do have a base in the USA also. I love capturing special family moments, animals personalities, portraits, styling + snapping fashion shoots, + I am a sucker for candid sappy moments between loved ones. I aim to provide you with confidence in front of the camera + frame worthy shots that will be cherished through generations to come.

If you are interested in a day full of laughs + special moments I'd love to work with you! Shoot me a message below or give me a call!

Kate Rankin

PH: 0467370162